Shifting Suns Industries

Shifting Suns Industries is a player-run corporation in the MMORPG EVE Online

Shifting Suns Industries is an enterprise specialized in manufacturing & delivering fully fitted ships in bulk.


Staging Contracts – We source warzones and staging areas with fully fitted advanced ships on contract, priced below Jita market. If you are interested in having us provide ships in your home, reach out!

Bulk Orders – Do you need to stock up on ships for your corp or alliance? Get in touch, we can manufacture your doctrine ships in bulk and deliver them to you! Fully fitted ships only, min. 10 units.

Discount Events – We run discount events on specific ships every now and then. Join our Discord to be notified!


If you are interested in our services, simply send an eve-mail to Sasha Raine or join our Discord server (link in bottom-right corner).

For having us seed your staging system with ships on contract, let us know what kind of ships you’d be interested in, and we will propose you fittings from our catalogue. We focus mainly on T2 ships.

For buying fitted ships in bulk, simply send an eve-mail to Sasha Raine, with a link to the fittings you’d like to order, how many (10+), and where to (must be a publicly accessible station or structure). We will then discuss the feasibility of oyur order, and get to work as soon as we agree on the terms. No down payment, you pay 100% upon reception of the order by contract!

Our standard pricing for all offers is 5% below Jita market value, plus delivery fee based on location. 

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