Shifting Suns Industries

Shifting Suns Industries is a player-run corporation in the MMORPG EVE Online

Sasha Raine, CEO.

Shifting Suns Industries is a small, industry-focused corporation that has been operating since November 2020. We are part of the DammFam alliance, strong allies to Ushra’Khan and loyal to the Minmatar Republic and its people. We have thus been mainly operating in the Amarr-Minmatar warzone, on the border between the Heimatar and Metropolis regions.

We pride ourselves in our efficacy and our competitive prices. To enable this, we have put in place an extensive production chain and management tools allowing us to quickly and reliably. We rely as little as possible on the Market, and harvest and produce everything ourselves, from raw materials to finished products.

We are industrialists, businessmen, traders, miners, haulers, engineers and more, but first and foremost, we are friends. Our corporation values trust and friendship above all. We share our work, we share our profits. We share the good times, and the hard ones. We put as much passion into building your ships than we put into building up our corporation!



“SSND are an industrial powerhouse that you can rely on, not only have they saved me the arduous trips back and forth between Jita, but they have saved myself and many others billions upon billions of ISK through their commission-based operations. Entire doctrines built in good time, saving at least 10% compared to purchasing from the markets every time we’ve used their services. A competent group of individuals that function more swiftly and efficiently than the majority of larger industrial groups I’ve encountered. A true relief for any CEO/Exec, FC or staging operator needing large numbers of specific ships and fittings.”

Ferra Orta, Ushra'Khan Council Member.
Julianus Soter, GMVA Alliance Leader.

“Shifting Suns Industries are always helpful and provide tons of great ships for content generation in the area.”